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Quality Assurance

Quality Control of a powder coated item is an integral part of the process wherein several tests are performed to ensure consistent results. 

Coated Test Specimens: Coated surfaces shall meet testing requirements as specified for adhesion, gloss and cure. Testing shall be performed on test sample specimens processed with each production run as described in this specification, and on production parts as often as deemed necessary to ensure specification compliance. Quality inspections shall be processed through the entire finishing process from pretreatment to powder application and curing.


Finish Property

Quality Determination

Class A– Finish demands the most consistent gloss, fewest defects and highest smoothness and minimum batch-to-batch color variation.

Example- Aluminum wheels and automotive appearance finishes.

Class B– Finishes similar to A but more easily achievable quality objectives. A large percentage of decorative powders are in Class B and include decorative shelving and light fixtures.

Class C– Generally prescribed for non-appearance parts and therefore have reduced appearance requirements but will require good barrier properties. Applications include engine blocks, reinforcement bars for concrete and other construction needs.

Assign physical property quality standards with end-use in mind.

Generally the higher the coating classification, the higher the cost. Assign finishes’ standards realistically.

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