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Electrostatic Powder Coating

We service time-sensitive projects, one-off projects, small jobs or large production. Using state of the art finishing equipment, we provide one of the best and durable finishes. We are capable of handling parts up to 6x5x10ft. Our ovens are all on site and we complete your project from start to finish with no outsourcing. We also offer mild-assembly, packaging, pickup and delivery.


With our vast experience and background, we seek out the best powder to resolve our clients' problems by using different suppliers.

We pride ourselves on excellent results, fast turnaround, and competitive pricing.


We specialize in powder coating multi-metal jobs, including window and door frames, aluminum fabrication, aluminum and steel electrical cabinets, construction and industrial equipment, corrosion protection requirements, UV-resistant finishing, commercial construction, automotive wheel refinishing as well for both exterior and interior requirements.


We strive for the best finish possible and the best finish starts with the best surface preparation.


When applicable, sandblasting is part of the pre-treatment process as an alternative to chemical pre-treatment. These processes are both essential to ensuring that powder can adhere properly to the surface of a material. Sandblasting increases the adhesion and durability of the finish

Chemical Pre-treatment

One of the most important steps in the finishing business is pre-treatment. We do not cut any corners in our pre-treatment process by using steam power washers and only using top-grade chemicals. By doing this, we are confident in a long-lasting and durable finish for multi-metals, especially aluminum and steel.

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